UK’s Leicester City This Morning Locks Down Due To Covid 19 1-6 people daily being admitted

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Tuesday morning. We’ll have another update for you at 18:00 BST.

1. City shuts down

Leicester is waking up to the UK’s first local lockdown this morning. Between six and 10 people in the city are being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 every day compared with an average of one elsewhere in England, prompting the government to reimpose restrictions. So non-essential shops and schools will close, and the wider reopening of pubs, restaurants and so on due across England on Saturday will not take place. Read more details here.

2. PM’s ‘new deal’

Boris Johnson will promise to “build back better” as he unveils plans to spend billions of pounds on infrastructure investment to mitigate the economic impact of coronavirus. The PM is likening his “new deal” to that of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who led the US out of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Our environment analyst says some, though, feel it isn’t the bold green recovery package that had been trailed. Just what effect has the crisis had on the global economy? Our visual guide has all the key numbers.

President Roosevelt’s New Deal was a response to mass unemployment and widespread poverty during the Depression

3. Back-to-school plans

A leaked draft of the plans for England, published by the Huffington Post. reveals entire year groups will form “bubbles”, potentially with separate start and finish times. Assemblies could also be banned and the curriculum slimmed down to focus on core subjects like English and maths. Full details are due later in the week. It comes as a group of charities warns children are facing “unprecedented threats” to their futures as a result of the pandemic, and should be prioritised.

For Jennifer and her sons, the past few weeks have been very challenging

4. 100 days of lockdown

BBC Newsbeat has been following the lives of young people in one small town, Telford, to find out how lockdown has changed them. From the local footballer who has no idea what will happen to his career to the rapper who thought 2020 would be his best year yet, it’s a microcosm of the UK as a whole. For some the easing of restrictions is bringing stress rather than relief – read one woman’s story.

Esther, Tim, Adam and Molly have told the BBC about their lockdown experiences

5. ‘Never to forget’

Hundreds of heath and care workers in the UK have lost their lives to Covid-19. Now a project by the London Symphony Chorus is paying tribute to them.

Never to Forget honours the health and care workers who died from Covid-19

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