Dubai Police Always Awake So The Communities Are At Ease

The Police Leadership Council at the ministry of the interior discusses a number of important topics

The Police Leadership Council of the ministry of the interior, under the leadership of his excellency the group, explanatory tamim, Deputy Chief of police and public security of Dubai, President of the council, held a meeting with remote communication today, during which a number of important topics were discussed, and in the presence of the group Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, Commander-in-Chief of the dubai police, general abdulaziz maktoum sharifi, director general of preventive security at the ministry of the interior, general Ali Abdullah Bin Alwan Al-Ạlnʿymy, Commander-in-Chief of the police, and general Sheikh Sultan AL-Ạlnʿymy, Commander-in-Chief Ajman police, General Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al-Mualla, Commander-in-Chief of umm al quwain police, General Mohammed Ahmed Bin Ghanem Al-Kaabi, Commander-in-Chief of fujairah police, general saif al shamsi, Commander-in-Chief, and general Maktoum Ali Sharifi, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi police, general Dr. Jassim Mohamed Al-Marzouki, Commander-in-Chief of civil defence, general Dr. Ali the, director general of central operations of the ministry, and Dean Hamad Al-expedite, director general of the federal criminal police, General said Abdullah bin tu al-Swedish, Director-General of the federal drug control ministry of the interior, Dean Abdulaziz Al-Ahmad, Deputy Director General of the criminal police, Secretary-General of the ministry of the interior, and Colonel Dr. Faisal Al-the, director general of the strategy and Performance Development at the ministry, and a number of senior officers of the ministry.
The Council discussed, follow up and take action on the state level of disturbing crimes at the state level, and how to deal with them.
The Police Leadership Council has reviewed the ministry’s initiatives to enhance the readiness and access of services to make it happy and to maintain their safety.
The Council also discussed the use of a number of smart applications in the ministry towards the community, which facilitate communication and end the transactions of the state police stations easily, easily and in an innovative way, and enables customers to access a series of smart services and provide their transactions and Their police station reports through smart applications, and from their location no matter where they are located, providing a high-quality service that shorten the completion time and enhances the preventive actions in the current situation.
The Council addressed a number of topics related to police and departments of the ministry, on the state’s preventive and preventive actions taken in the state regarding the current situation against the new corona 19

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