HKSZ positioned as a Global Brand Leader dedicated to our “Vision’s in Dubai & UK’ endorsed by the Worlds Entertainment Celebrities” and Dignitaries has showcased how innovation can develop new concepts expertise and talent digitally through its social media platforms having led whilst others followed, sponsored & highlighted by many media partners.

HKSZ.TV prides itself in being associated with Global Satellite and Digital Media tv networks reaching the masses.

HKSZ.TV over the years having developed the HKSZ brands are proud of Entrepreneur CEO for Expo 2020 & Beyond Dubai through its Celebrities Sports Services with visions since 2005 in Dubai who have now formed the 1st ever “Dubai Stars Cricket League Vision 2020” for youth children and adults Winning the hearts of Millions Worldwide, another incredible innovation like none and never before. The CEO was in 2013 listed in The Asia’s World Book of Records as A Branded Game Changer, branded as an Inspirational Business Leader in the leaders World Book of records having scooped the Award Of Excellence presented by the Honorable “Chief Justice Of Dubai” amongst World Leaders and Dignitaries. His business acumen and sheer determination sustained the economic downturn in 2008, in the Dubai Market. Already the CEO has been accredited with many awards for his contribution and visions for delivering honest and transparent content as marked and recorded with awards and appreciation highly ranked by (The Dubai Sports Council) in association with Global boards.

HKSZ.TV exclusive one to one association & personal interviews with the Royal Family, Dignitaries and officials never seen before.

As the CEO quoted and recorded during his “Asia’s World Book Of Records” Interview In 2013:

“With our unparalleled experience, we continue our journey in the UK, Dubai & Worldwide thus integrating everyone like none before through the “Cricketing World Events”. HKSZ CEO continues to lead the way.   


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